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U Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger Manufacturer India

We at JC Equipments the leading manufacturers of U Tube bundle heat exchanger in India with ASME certified and TEMA Standards . We build inner side U tube bundles [Hairpin Type tubes ] and outer side covered with shell. For Inner side U tube we use copper tubes and steel tubes.
U Tube Bundle
As per TEMA standard we can engineering and reverse engineering of U tube Heat exchanger and can duplicate your existing working U tube with custom build sizes and materials.

Other Types of Tube Bundles are Fixed Tube Bundles, Removable Tube Bundles, Straight Tube, U Tube, Single Wall and Double Wall JC U Tube bundle Heat exchanger are useful for your higher-pressure and Higher Temperature applications requirements. We also supply U tube budle assemblies only. We assemble with proper care and needfull backup for transporting. Also testing repairing and cleaning of u tube bundle heat exchanger with expert team. You can use our U tubes for Hairpin type heat exchanger.


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U Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger Manufacturer India

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