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JC Equipments Pvt Ltd is the leading ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer and exporters of Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers since 1989. We assure to supply our branded products at very competitive price with excellent quality perfornamce and timely dispatch to satisfy our customers. We provide full service from Cooling Tower and Heat Exchanger selection, design, operating / condition computation, manufacture, delivery and installation.


Vision and Mission of Manufacturing


We export our products across the world and we plan to setup an exclusive dealership at major countries. We assure to supply a world class solution equipment at competitive price with excellent quality performance on time delivery basis. We are looking forward to have a long term business relationship with our existing customers and new customers in India as well as overseas.

We are leading manufacturers all types of industrial FRP Cooling Tower Timber Cooling Tower Dry Cooling Tower Natural Draft Cooling Tower RCC cooling tower Closed Circuit Cooling Tower in India. We are CTI Certified Cooling Tower Design in India.Our product ranges are Bottle Shape FRP Cooling Tower, Square Shape FRP Cooling Tower, Seamless FRP Cooling Tower, Cross Flow, Counter Flow, Induced Draft, mechanical, Atmospheric, Timber Cooling Tower, Wooden Induced Draft Cross Flow, Radiator Coil Type, Dry Cooling Tower, Natural Draft Cooling Tower, RCC - Reinforced Concrete Cooling Tower closed circuit and open circuit. All Types of Cooling Tower Spares, Fills, Fans, chemicals and Heat Exchangers.

As Heat Exchanger manufacturers our product ranges are Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Air Cooled Condenser Plate Heat Exchanger Finned Tube Heat Exchanger U Tube bundle Heat Exchanger


Why choose us?

  • While buy a product you have to keep few points in your mind.
  • JC Equipments are ISO 9001:2008 Cerfied Manufacturing Company in India.
  • Quality, Price and Design will be the result of the manufacturer and the Quality Policy ISO 9001:2008.
  • So before make decision see our certifications, designing methodology and price.
  • We proud to celebrate our 23rd year anniversary with international clients and from small, medium and corporate companies.
  • We are certified from ASME - The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Also we are the corporate member of CTI USA (Cooling Technology Institute)
CTI Certified Manufacturers
ASME Certified Heat Exchanger Design
Heat Exchanger Design
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