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Cooling Tower Manufacturers in INDIA


JC Equipments, are leading exporters, Suppliers and Manufacturers of all types of cooling towers in India. We at JC Equipments having more than 23 years of experience in the field of cooling tower designing and manufacturing. We are located in Coimbatore South India. We established in the year of 1989 and we are member with Cooling Technology Institute USA (CTI). Our designing and development departments are regularly updated with world standards by CTI membership.


JC Equipments are exporting of cooling towers for all types of industries in India as well as overseas.


Certified Manufacturers

  • ISO 9001-2008 certified Designers, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters
  • Corporate Member of CTI USA (Cooling Technology Institute USA)
  • ASME - (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Advantages of JC Equipments Cooling Towers

  • High performance in a small package
  • Full Services for Cooling tower Design and Manufacture.
  • High reliability
  • Cooling Tower Manufacturers with 23 years.
  • High operating temperatures and pressures

FRP Cooling Tower Manufacturers India


JC Equipments offers the FRP Cooling Tower and also we manufactured the FRP types are Square Type, Bottle Shape, Seamless. Heaviness and Size will be at the same time as per our standards and customer requirements.

Timber Cooling Tower Manufacturers India


We are proud to manufacturers the timber type cooling tower, we are well designed and developed to this model. This type includes for the most part of conservative method.

DRY Cooling Tower Manufacturers India


We are engaged to develop the Dry Cooling Tower, this is one of the newest model in the industry. JC Equipments are very specially to developed and designed manufacturers of this model.

RCC Cooling Tower Manufacturers India


We are leading Manufacturers of the RCC Cooling Tower in India. Our Range of RCC Coling Tower Capacity 200CuM/hr. to 3500 CuM/hr. per cell. Lofty efficiency gear boxes, axial flow fans and drive shafts.

Natural Draft Cooling Tower Manufacturers India


JC are one of the well famous and Manufacturers of Natural Draft Cooling Tower in India. Can be installed this type of cooling tower for any range of cooling applications. In this Type, Power is not Required.

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Manufacturers India


We are specialized designers and Manufacturers of the closed circuit Cooling Tower in India, the two types are Combined Flow, Counter flow cooling tower and also manufacture the Closed Loop Cooling tower.


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Cooling Tower Manufacturers in INDIA

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